A friend of mine Jeremy has a house in the highlands and sometimes he invites friends to stay; on arrival they are handed a gun and told that the cupboards are bare. They are then given the task of going out onto the hill to bring back some game to feed the other starving guests.


To be walking through the heather in the highlands of Scotland, with dogs working ahead of you, is a wonderful experience. This is what we offer: both an exhilarating day out and a variety of game.

Of course if you want to bring your own dogs you can, but you will be met at the start of the day by a keeper or team of keepers (depending on the size of the party) whose dogs such as Spaniels, Labradors and Pointers will flush or point the game ahead: partridges, rabbits, hares, pheasants, snipe and of course the much sought after woodcock.

When we have geese or duck feeding in our fields and ponds we take the opportunity to flight them either in the morning or at night; in fact, sometimes I insist upon it.

On a windy afternoon one can shoot pigeons for a couple of hours as they flight into a wood.


These are found in the mountains where a line of guns and dogs will walk them up over the heather; sometimes we drive them towards the guns.

GROUSE (12 August - 10 December)

There are always some days of grouse shooting available, depending on how the birds have bred earlier in the year. Normally this shooting is carried out using pointers who point the bird; the guns move into position and the grouse are flushed.

WOODCOCK (1 September - 31 January)

These migrate from Scandinavia after the full moon towards the end of November, and so December and January are the months to find them.

For the really keen Woodcock hunter we can organise trips to the Isle of Skye where this elusive bird can be in abundance as early as October; accommodation is provided in a comfortable and relaxing local hotel overlooking the sea. It has a very good menu and the bar attracts all sorts of visitors.


Although this is open all year round, the best time for pigeon shooting is August/September during the harvest. We set up your hides and decoys. We also have pigeon magnets.

Before and during your stay we are constantly monitoring the whereabouts of pigeons; their movements fluctuate depending on sowing and harvesting activities. We have a large area of land to cover and we keep in touch with farmers.


Open all year round; some good days are to be had bolting them with ferrets. In the summer months, when the grass is long, the rabbits can be flushed with dogs. We can also lamp them at night.

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